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Ⅻ, 10-19.
the qur′ân.

not Joseph, but throw him into the bottom of the pit; some of the travellers may pick him up, if so ye do.’

Said they, ‘O our father ! what ails thee that thou wilt not trust us with Joseph while we are unto him sincere ? Send him with us to-morrow to revel and to play, and, verily, we over him will keep good guard.’

Said he, ‘Verily, it grieves me that ye should go off with him, for I fear lest the wolf devour him while ye of him do take no heed.’

Said they, ‘Why, if the wolf should devour him while we are (such) a band, verily, we then should deserve to lose !’

15 And when they had gone off with him and agreed to put him in the depths of the pit, and we inspired him, ‘Thou shalt surely inform them of this affair of theirs and they shall not perceive[1].’

And they came to their father at eve and weeping said, ‘O our father ! verily, we went forth to race and left Joseph by our goods, and the wolf devoured him, — but thou wilt not believe us, truth tellers though we be.’

And they brought his shirt with lying blood upon it. Said he, ‘Nay, but your souls have induced you to do this; but patience is fair! and God is He whom I ask for aid against that which ye describe.’

And travellers came and sent their water-drawer ; and he let down his bucket. Said he, ‘O glad tidings ! this is a youth.’ And they kept him secret, as a chattel ; but God knew what they were doing.

  1. This is a prophetic intimation to Joseph of his future interview with his brethren in Egypt.