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ⅩⅣ, 47-ⅩⅤ, 2.
the qurʼân.

for you : but they plotted their stratagems, but with God is a stratagem for them, although at their stratagem the mountains should give way.

Think then not indeed that God fails in his promise to his apostles ; — verily, God is mighty, the Lord of vengeance ; on the day when the earth shall be changed for another earth, and the heavens too ; and (all) shall go forth unto God, the one, the dominant.

50 Thou shalt see the sinners on that day bound together in fetters ; with shirts of pitch, and fire covering their faces ; — that God may reward each soul according to what it has earned ; verily, God is swift at reckoning up!

This is a message to be delivered to men that they may be warned thereby, and know that only He is God, — one, — and that those who have minds may remember.

The Chapter of El ʿHagr[1].

(ⅩⅤ. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God !

A. L. R. Those are the signs[2] of the Book and of a perspicuous Qurʼân.

Many a time will those who disbelieve fain they had been resigned[3].

  1. El ʿHagr, literally, ‘ the rock:’ the Petra of Strabo, and the traditional habitation of ‘ the people of Thamûd.’
  2. Verses.
  3. See note 1, p. 15.