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ⅩⅤ, 19-32.
the qurʼân.

grow upon it of everything a measured quantity. 20 And we have made for you means of livelihood therein, and for those for whom ye have not to provide.

Nor is there aught but the treasuries of it are with us, and we do not send it down save in a noted quantity.

And we send forth the impregnating winds[1] and we send down water from the sky, and we give it to you to drink, nor is it ye who store it up.

And we, verily, we quicken and kill ; and we are of (all things) heirs.

And we already know the foremost of you, and we know the laggards too!

25 And, verily, it is your Lord who will gather you ; verily, He is wise and knowing.

And we did create man from crackling clay of black mud wrought in form.

And the ginns had we created before of smoke-less fire.

And when thy Lord said to the angels, ‘ Verily, I am creating a mortal from crackling clay of black mud wrought into shape ;

30 ‘ And when I have fashioned it, and breathed into it of my spirit, then fall ye down before it adoring.’

And the angels adored all of them together, save Iblîs, who refused to be among those who adored.

He said, ‘ O Iblîs ! what ails thee that thou art not among those who adore ?’

  1. I.e. the winds that bring the rain-clouds and fertilise the earth.