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ⅩⅤ, 33-51.
the chapter of el ʿhagr.

Said he, ‘ I would not adore a mortal whom Thou hast created from crackling clay of black mud wrought into form.’

He said, ‘ Then get thee forth therefrom, and, verily, thou art to be pelted! 35 And, verily, the curse is upon thee until the day of judgment.’

Said he, ‘ O my Lord ! respite me until the day when they shall be raised.’ He said, ‘ Then, verily, thou art of the respited until the day of the noted time.’

He said, ‘ O my Lord! for that Thou hast seduced me I will surely make it seem seemly for them on earth, and I will surely seduce them all together; 40 save such of Thy servants amongst them as are sincere.’ Said He, ‘ This is a right way against me. Verily, my servants thou hast no authority over, save over those who follow thee of such as are seduced : and, verily, hell is promised to them all together. It has seven doors; at every door is there a separate party of them.’

45 Verily, those who fear God shall dwell amidst gardens and springs : ‘ Enter ye therein with peace in safety !’ And we will strip off whatever ill-feeling is in their breasts ; as brethren on couches face to face[1].

No toil shall touch them therein, nor shall they be brought forth therefrom.

Inform my servants that I am the pardoning, the merciful ; 50 and that my woe is the grievous woe.

And inform them concerning Abraham’s guests

  1. Because to turn their backs on each other would appear contemptuous.