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ⅩⅥ, 107-115.
the qur'ân.

Only they are the forgers of a lie who believe not in God's signs ; and these, they are the liars.

Whoso disbelieves in God after having believed, unless it be one who is forced and whose heart is quiet in the faith, — but whoso expands his breast to misbelieve, — on them is wrath from God, and for them is mighty woe !

That is because they preferred the love of this world's life to the next; — but, verily, God guides not the unbelieving people. 110 These are they on whose hearts, and hearing, and eyesight, God has set a stamp, and these, they are the careless. Without a doubt that in the next life they will be the losers.

Then, verily, thy Lord, to those who fled[1] after they had been tried, and then fought strenuously and were patient, — verily, thy Lord after that will be forgiving and merciful.

On the day every soul will come to wrangle for itself, and every soul shall be paid what it has earned, and they shall not be wronged.

God has struck out a parable : a city[2] which was safe and quiet, its provision came to it in plenty from every place, and then it denied God's favours, and God made it feel[3] the clothing of hunger and fear, for that which they had wrought.

And there came to them an apostle from amongst themselves, but they called him a liar, and the torment seized them, while yet they were unjust.

115 Eat, then, from what God has provided

  1. The Ansârs.
  2. Any town, but Mecca in particular.
  3. Literally, ‘ taste.’