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ⅩⅥ, 96-106.
the chapter of the bee.

taste of evil for that ye turned folks off the path of God, and for you there be mighty woe !

And sell not God′s covenant for a little price ; with God only is what is better for you, if ye did but know.

What ye have is spent, but what God has endures ; and we will recompense the patient with their hire for the best deeds they have done.

Whoso acts aright, male or female, and is a believer, we will quicken with a goodly life ; and we will recompense them with their hire for the best deeds they have done.

100 When thou dost read the Qur′ân, ask refuge with God from Satan the pelted one[1].

Verily, he has no power over those who believe and who upon their Lord rely. His power is only over those who take him for a patron, and over the idolaters.

And whenever we change one verse for another, — God knows best what He sends down. They say, ‘Thou art but a forger!’ — Nay, most of them do not know. Say, ‘The Holy Spirit[2] brought it down from thy Lord in truth, to stablish those who believe, and for a guidance and glad tidings to those who are resigned[3].’

105 We knew that they said, ‘ It is only some mortal who teaches him.’ — The tongue of him they lean towards is barbarous, and this is plain Arabic[4].

Verily, those who believe not in God′s signs, God will not guide them, and for them is grievous woe.

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