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Ⅰ. The Opening Chapter. (Mecca.)

Prayer for guidance.

Ⅱ. The Chapter of the Heifer. (Medînah.)

The Qurʼân a guidance. Rebuke to misbelievers: parable of one who kindles a fire. God is not ashamed of trifling similitudes. The creation of man: Adam taught 'the names:' Iblîs refuses to adore him: the temptation and fall. The children of Israel: their trials in Egypt: the golden calf: the manna and quails: bidden to enter the city and say ʿhittatun. Moses strikes the rock: he bids the people slaughter a dun cow to discover a murder. Charge against the Jews of corrupting the Scriptures. The golden calf: the mountain held over them. Gabriel reveals the Qurʼân: Hârût and Mârût. Believers are not to say râ’hinâ, but unthurnâ. Verses which are annulled will be replaced by better ones. Paradise not exclusively for Jews and Christians. Mosques to be free. Story of Abraham: he rebuilds the Kaabah: was a ʿHanîf. The qiblah fixed. Zafâ and Merwah may be compassed. Proofs of God’s unity. Lawful and unlawful food. The law of retaliation for homicide. Testators. The fast of Ramadhân. Rites of the pilgrimage: its duration. Fighting for religion lawful during the sacred months. Wine and gaming forbidden. Marriage with idolaters unlawful. The law of divorce. Of suckling children. The Muhâgerîn to be rewarded. The children of Israel demand a king. Saul (Tâlût): the shechina: the ark. Saul and Gideon confounded. Goliath. Jesus. The âyat el kursîy ('verse of the throne') asserting the self-subsistence and omnipresence of God. Nimrod and Abraham. Almsgiving. No compulsion in religion. Proofs of the resurrection: Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones