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referred to: Abraham and the birds. Almsgiving recommended. Usurers denounced. Laws relating to debt and trading. Persons mentally incapable are to act by agents. The believers’ prayer.

Ⅲ. The Chapter of Imrân’s Family. (Medînah.)

God’s unity and self-subsistence. The Qurʼân confirmatory of previous Scriptures. The verses are either decisive or ambiguous. Example of Pharaoh’s punishment. The battle of Bedr. Islâm the true religion. Future torment eternal. Obedience to God and the Apostle enjoined. Conception of the Virgin Mary; she is brought up by Zachariah. Birth of John: the annunciation of the Virgin. Birth and infancy of Jesus: the miracle of the birds of clay: the disciples: allusion to Mohammed’s dispute with a Christian deputation from Nagran. Abraham a ʿHanîf. Reproof to Jews who pretend to believe and then recant; and who pervert the Scriptures. No distinction to be made between the prophets. The Jews rebuked for prohibiting certain kinds of food. The foundation of the Kaabah. Abraham’s station. Pilgrimage enjoined. Schism and misbelief reproved. Battle of Ohod referred to. The victory at Bedr due to angelic aid. Usury denounced. Fate of those who rejected the prophets of old. Mohammed’s death must not divert the believers from their faith. Promise of God’s help. Further account of the battle of Bedr. The Muslim martyrs to enter Paradise. The victory of Bedr more than counterbalanced the defeat at Ohod. The hypocrites detected and reproved. Death the common lot even of apostles. Prayer for the believers. Exhortation to vie in good works and be patient.

Ⅳ. The Chapter of Women. (Medînah.)

God creates and watches aver man. Women’s dowries. Administration of the property of orphans and idiots. Distribution of property among the heirs. Witnesses required to prove adultery. Believers are not to inherit women’s estates against their will: no false charge of adultery to be made with a view of keeping a woman’s dowry. Women whom it is unlawful to marry. Men are superior to women: punishment of refractory wives. Arbitration between man and wife. Duty towards parents, kinsmen, orphans, the poor, neighbours, &c. Almsgiving for appearance sake a crime. Believers must not pray when drunk or polluted. Sand may be used for purification when water is not to be had. Charge against