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to Muslims: so too their women. Ablutions before prayers. Rules for purification in cases of pollution. The Muslims are bidden to remember the oath of fealty (at ʿAkabah), and how God made a similar covenant with the children of Israel, and chose twelve wardens. Mohammed is warned against their treachery as well as against the Christians. Refutation of the doctrine that Christ is God; and of the idea that the Jews and Christians are 'sons of God' and His beloved. Mohammed sent as a warner and herald of glad tidings. Moses bade the children of Israel invade the Holy Land and they were punished for hesitating. Story of the two sons of Adam: the crow shows Cain how to bury the body of Abel. Gravity of homicide. Those who make war against God and His Apostle are not to receive quarter. Punishment for theft. Mohammed is to judge both Jews and Christians by the Qurʼân, in accordance with their own Scriptures, but not according to 'their lusts.' Or would they prefer to be judged according to the unjust laws of the time of the pagan Arabs? The Muslims are not to take Jews and Christians for patrons. The hypocrites hesitate to join the believers: they are threatened. Further appeal to the Jews and Christians: fate of those before them who were transformed for their sins. The Jews reproved for saying that 'God’s hand is fettered.' Some of them are moderate, but the greater part are misbelievers. The prophet is bound to preach his message. Sabæans, Jews, and Christians appealed to as believers. Prophets of old were rejected. Against the worship of the Messiah and the doctrine of the Trinity. Jews and idolaters are the most hostile to the Muslims; and the Christians are nearest in love to them. Expiation for an inconsiderate oath. Wine and gambling forbidden. Game not to be hunted or eaten during pilgrimage. Expiation for violating this precept: fish is lawful at this time. Rites of the ʿHagg to be observed. Believers must not ask about painful things till the whole Qurʼân is revealed. Denunciation of the superstitious practices of the pagan Arabs with respect to certain cattle. Witnesses required when a dying man makes his testament. The mission of Jesus: the miracles of the infancy: the apostles ask for a table from heaven as a sign: Jesus denies commanding men to worship him and his mother as gods.