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Ⅵ. The Chapter of Cattle. (Mecca.)

Light and darkness are both created by God. Rebuke to idolaters. They are exhorted to take warning by the fate of those of old, who rejected the prophets. Had the revelation been a material book they would have disbelieved it: if the prophet had been an angel he would have come in the guise of a man. Attributes of God. Mohammed bidden to become a Muslim. Those who have the Scriptures ought to recognise Mohammed as the one foretold in them. The idolaters will be disappointed of the intercession of their gods on the judgment day. They deny the resurrection day now, but hereafter they will have awful proof of its truth. The next world is preferable to this. Prophets aforetime were also mocked at and they were patient. God could send them a sign if He pleased. Beasts, birds, and the like are communities like men: their fate is all written in the Book: they too shall be gathered on the judgment day. Arguments in proof of the supreme power of God. Mohammed is only a messenger: he is to disclaim miraculous power: is not to repulse believers: he is bidden to abjure idolatry and not follow the lusts of the Meccans. God’s omniscience. He takes men’s souls to Himself during sleep: sends guardian angels to watch over them: preserves men in danger by land and sea. Mohammed is not to join in discussions on religion with idolaters, nor to associate with those who make a sport of it. Folly of idolatry set forth: God the creator: Abraham’s perplexity in seeking after the true God: worships successively the stars, the moon, and the sun, but is convinced that they are not gods by seeing them set. Turns to God and becomes a ʿHanîf. Other prophets of old were inspired: the Qurʼân is also a special revelation from God to the Meccans, fulfilling their Scriptures; but the Jews have perverted or suppressed parts of them. Denunciation of one who falsely pretended to be inspired. The creation a proof of God’s unity. Rebuke to those who call the ginn His partners, or attribute offspring to Him. Idolaters are not to be abused lest they too speak ill of God. The Meccans would not have believed even if a sign had been given them. Mohammed is to trust to God alone. Men are not to abstain from food over which God’s name has been pronounced. God will vindicate His messenger. Belief or the reverse depends on God’s grace. The ginns and false gods, together with their worshippers,