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are in Paradise. The Meccans are bidden to take warning by the fate of the cities whose stories are related above. These stories are intended to strengthen the prophet’s heart: he is bidden to wait and leave the issue to God.

Ⅻ. The Chapter of Joseph. (Mecca.)

The Qurʼân revealed in Arabic that the Meccans may understand: it contains the best of stories. Story of Joseph: he tells his father his dream: Jacob advises him to keep it to himself. Jealousy of Joseph’s brethren: they conspire to throw him in a pit: induce his father to let him go with them: they cast him in the pit, and bring home his shirt covered with 'lying blood.' Travellers discover him and sell him into Egypt: he is adopted by his master: his mistress endeavours to seduce him: his innocence proved. His mistress shows him to the women of the city to excuse her conduct: their amazement at his beauty. He is imprisoned: interprets the dreams of the baker and the cupbearer. Pharaoh’s dream: Joseph is sent for to expound it. He is appointed to a situation of trust in the land. His brethren arrive and do not recognise him: they ask for corn and he requires them to bring their youngest brother as the condition of his giving it to them. The goods they had brought to barter are returned to their sacks. Benjamin is sent back. Joseph discovers himself to him. Joseph places the king’s drinking cup in his brother’s pack: accuses them all of the theft: takes Benjamin as a bondsman for the theft. They return to Jacob, who in great grief sends them back again to bring him news. Joseph discovers himself to them, and sends back his shirt: Jacob recognises it by the smell. Jacob goes back with them to Egypt. This story appealed to as a proof of the truth of the revelation.

ⅩⅢ. The Chapter of Thunder. (Mecca.)

The Qurʼân a revelation from the Lord, the creator and governor of all. Misbelievers are threatened: God knows all, and the recording angels are ever present. Lightning and thunder celebrate God’s praises. All in heaven and earth acknowledge Him. God sends rain and causes the torrents to flow: the scum thereof is like the dross on smelted ore. The righteous and the believers are promised Paradise; and the misbelievers are threatened with hell-fire. Exhortation to believe in the Merciful. Were the