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Fate of the idolaters and false gods at the last day. God the Lord of all. Other religions are mere conjecture. The Qurʼân could only have been devised by God. The Meccans are challenged to produce a single sûrah like it. Unbelievers warned of the last day by the fate of previous nations. Reproval of those who prohibit lawful things. God is ever watchful over the prophet’s actions. Happiness of the believers: the infidels cannot harm the prophet. Refutation of those who ascribe offspring to God. Mohammed encouraged by the story of Noah and the other prophets of old. Fate of Pharaoh and vindication of Moses and Aaron. The People of the Book (Jews and Christians) appealed to in confirmation of the truth of the Qurʼân. The story of Jonas. The people of Nineveh saved by repenting and believing in time. The people are exhorted to embrace Islâm, the faith of the ʿHanîf. God alone is powerful. Belief or unbelief affect only the individual himself. Resignation and patience inculcated.

Ⅺ. The Chapter of Hûd. (Mecca.)

The Qurʼân a book calling men to believe in the unity of God: nothing is hidden from Him: He is the creator of all. Men will not believe, and deem themselves secure because their punishment is deferred. They demand a sign, or say the Qurʼân is invented by the prophet; but they and their false gods together cannot bring ten such sûrahs. Misbelievers threatened with future punishment, while believers are promised Paradise. Noah was likewise sent, but his people objected that he was a mere mortal like themselves and only followed by the meaner sort of men. He also is accused of having invented his revelation: he is saved in the ark and the unbelievers drowned: he endeavours to save his son. The ark settles on Mount Gûdî. Hud was sent to ʿAd: his people plotted against him and were destroyed, while he was saved. Zâliʿh was sent to Thamûd: the she-camel given for a sign. The people hamstring her and perish. Abraham entertains the angels who are sent to the people of Lot: he pleads for them. Lot offers his daughters to the people of Sodom, to spare the angels: he escapes by night, and Sodom is destroyed. Shoʼhâib is sent to Midian; and his people, rejecting his mission, perish too. Moses sent to Pharaoh, who shall be punished at the resurrection. The Meccans too shall be punished: they are threatened with the judgment day, when they shall be sent to hell, while the believers