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ⅩⅩⅦ, 61-75.
the chapter of the ant.

who make peers with Him ! He who made the earth, settled, and placed amongst it rivers; and placed upon it firm mountains ; and placed between the two seas a barrier ; is there a god with God ? nay, but most of them know not! He who answers the distressed when he calls upon Him and removes the evil ; and makes you successors in the earth ; is there a god with God ? little is it that ye are mindful. He who guides you in the darkness, of the land and of the sea; and who sends winds as glad tidings before His mercy; is there a god with God ? exalted be God above what they associate with Him ! 65 He who began the creation and then will make it return again; and who provides you from the heaven and the earth ; is there a god with God ? so bring your proofs if ye do speak the truth !

Say, ‘ None in the heavens or the earth know the unseen save only God ; but they perceive not when they shall be raised !’ — nay, but their knowledge attains to somewhat of the hereafter ; nay, but they are in doubt concerning it ! nay, but they are blind !

And those who disbelieved said, ‘ What ! when we have become dust and our fathers too, shall we indeed be brought forth ? 70 We were promised this, we and our fathers before us, this is nothing but old folks' tales !’

Say, ‘ Journey on through the land and see how was the end of the sinners ! and grieve not for them, and be not straitened at what they plot.’

They say, ‘ When shall this threat be if ye do tell the truth ?’ Say, ‘ It may be that there is pressing close behind you a part of what ye would hasten on !’ 75 But, verily, thy Lord is full of