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ⅩⅩⅦ, 75-89.
the qurʼân.

grace to men, but most of them will not be thankful ; and, verily, thy Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they manifest; and there is no secret thing in the heaven or the earth, save that it is in the perspicuous Book !

Verily, this Qurʼân relates to the people of Israel most of that whereon they do dispute ; and, verily, it is a guidance and a mercy to the believers. 80 Verily, thy Lord decides between them by His judgment, for He is mighty, knowing. Rely thou then upon God, verily, thou art standing on obvious truth. Verily, thou canst not make the dead to hear, and thou canst not make the deaf to hear the call when they turn their backs on thee ; nor art thou a guide to the blind, out of their error : thou canst only make to hear such as believe in our signs, and such as are resigned.

And when the sentence falls upon them we will bring forth a beast out of the earth that shall speak to them, (and say) that, ‘ Men of our signs would not be sure.’

85 And the day when we will gather from every nation a troop of those who said our signs were lies; and they shall be marshalled ; until they come, and He will say, ‘ Did ye say my signs were lies, when ye had compassed no knowledge thereof ? or what is it that ye were doing ?’ and the sentence shall fall upon them for that they did wrong, and they shall not have speech.

Did they not see that we have made the night for them to rest in, and the day to see by ? verily, in that are signs to people who believe.

And the day when the trumpet shall be blown and all who are in the heavens and the earth shall