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ⅬⅠ, 50-ⅬⅡ, 9.
the qurʼân.

Do they bequeath it[1] to each other ?

Yea, they are an outrageous people !

So turn thy back upon them, so thou wilt not be to blame.

55 And remind ; for, verily, the reminder shall profit the believers.

And I have not created the ginn and mankind save that they may worship me.

I do not desire any provision from them, and I do not wish them to feed me.

Verily, God, He is the provider, endowed with steady might.

Verily, for those who injure (the Apostle) shall be a portion like the portion of their fellows[2], but let them not hurry Me !

60 Then woe to those who misbelieve from their day which they are threatened.

The Chapter of the Mount.

(ⅬⅡ Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

By the mount ! by the Book inscribed upon an outstretched vellum ! by the frequented house[3]! 5 by the elevated roof[4]! by the swelling sea ! verily, the torment of thy Lord will come to pass ; — there is none to avert it !

The day when the heavens shall reel about,

  1. I. e. this taunt.
  2. I. e. like the fate of those who wronged the apostles of old.
  3. I. e. either the Kaabah itself or the model of it, said to exist in the heavens and to be frequented by the angels.
  4. I. e. of heaven.