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ⅬⅡ, 10-27.
the chapter of the mount.

10 and the mountains shall move about, — then woe upon that day to those who call (the apostles) liars, who plunge into discussion for a sport !

On the day when they shall be thrust away into the fire of hell, — ‘ This is the fire, the which ye used to call a lie! — 15 Is it magic, this ? or can ye not see ? — broil ye therein, and be patient thereof or be not patient, it is the same to you : ye are but rewarded for that which ye did do !’

Verily, the pious (shall be) in gardens and pleasure, enjoying what their Lord has given them ; for their Lord will save them from the torment of hell.

‘ Eat and drink with good digestion, for that which ye have done !’

20 Reclining on couches in rows ; and we will wed them to large-eyed maids.

And those who believe and whose seed follows them in the faith, we will unite their seed with them ; and we will not cheat them of their work at all ; — every man is pledged for what he earns[1].

And we will extend to them fruit and flesh such as they like. They shall pass to and fro therein a cup in which is neither folly nor sin.

And round them shall go boys of theirs, as though they were hidden pearls.

25 And they shall accost each other and ask questions, and shall say, 'Verily, we were before amidst our families shrinking with terror[2], but God has been gracious to us and saved us from the torment of the hot blast.

  1. Every man is pledged to God for his conduct, and, if he does well, redeems himself.
  2. At the thought of the next life.