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ⅬⅣ, 51-ⅬⅤ, 17.
the qurʼân.

We have destroyed the like of you — but is there any who will mind ?

And everything they do is in the books[1], and everything small and great is written down.

Verily, the pious shall be amid gardens and rivers, 55 in the seat of truth, with the powerful king.

The Chapter of the Merciful.

(ⅬⅤ. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

The Merciful taught the Qurʼân ;
He created man, taught him plain speech.
The sun and the moon have their appointed time ;
5 The herbs and the trees adore ;
And the heavens, He raised them and set the balance, that ye should not be outrageous in the balance ;
But weigh ye aright, and stint not the balance.
And the earth He has set it for living creatures; 10 therein are fruits and palms, with sheaths; and grain with chaff and frequent shoots ;
Then which of your Lord’s bounties will ye twain deny ?
He created men of crackling clay like the potters. And He created the ginn from smokeless fire.
15 Then which of your Lord’s bounties will ye twain deny ?
The Lord of the two easts[2] and the Lord of the two wests !

  1. The books kept by the recording angels.
  2. See p. 214, note 1.