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The Moon and Stars.

The stars that round the Queen of Night
Like maids attend her
Hide as in veils of mist their light
When she, in full-orbed glory bright,
O'er all the earth shines from her height,
A silver splendour.


My Garden.

I've a garden, a garden of dreams,
Where the cool breeze whispering sways
Softly the apple-sprays,
And from leaves that shimmer and quiver
Down on mine eyelids streams
A slumber-river.


Invocation to Aphrodite.

(Fragments 5, 6, 7 and 8 combined.)

Come, Queen of Cyprus, come to me!
Float hither from thy Paphian home;
From the all-welcoming haven come
To me, to my maid-friends and thine!