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Be golden chalices by thee
Brimmed up with heaven's nectar-wine
With banquet-joys blent daintily.
So for thank-offering shall be led
A white kid to thy fane, to stand
Before thine altar, and mine hand
Libation-drops thereon shall shed.


To her maiden-friends, or, as some critics hold, to the Muses.

(Fragments 11, 10, 12 and 14 combined.)

To you, companions mine, will I
Sing my most sweet heart-gladdening song,
To you, whose love, whose praise on high
Throned me above earth's poet-throng;—
While some, whose lives by me were crowned
With blessing, I most thankless found;—
But you, O you mine whole life long
Shall prove my constancy.


A Vision of Aphrodite.

(Fragments 18, 20, 19 and 16 combined.)

The golden-sandalled Dawn, meseemed,
Let down from heaven a splendour-stair;