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association to a city, in which Christ bears rule. God is both the founder and foundation of this city. He is at once its centre and circumference. He is the sky above it, the firm earth beneath it, the sun that lightens it, the atmosphere that fills it and eternally surrounds it; for Zion is but the expression of divine will and affection.

The Sacred City is described in Revelation (xxi. 16) as one that “lieth four-square.” It is equal-sided, as long as it is broad. In its way, the square is as perfect as the circle. Four straight lines, each forming a right angle with its neighbors, are the boundaries of a perfect enclosure.

Of course the whole description is metaphoric. Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate by the Mustard-seed and the Temple? Taking the City in its allegorical sense, the description of it as four-square should have profound meaning to Christian Scientists.

Squareness is a synonym for wholeness. What is meant, in modern language, by the phrase, “He is a good square man,” but that the person referred to is upright and downright, true, honest, sincere? Square-dealing is a not uncommon epithet. “On the square?” is the question often asked, when a bargain is proposed. “Parting upon the square” is a phrase which has passed into popular use from the parallelism of Free Masonry.

We need good square men everywhere. Such a man was my late husband, Dr. Asa G. Eddy; and the world needs just such square social organizations as he meant to upbuild, when he became the first teacher after me of the science of Mind-healing, and the director of the first Sunday-school of Christian Science in modern times,