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which was gathered in Hawthorne Hall, Boston, in 1881. His teachings on that occasion were warmly praised by a city clergy man, of long experience, who was present.

Society needs square and fair dealing, honesty and humanity. My friend Dr. P. P. Quimby never wished to engender error among his fellow-mortals, when he put forth the buds and blossoms of the materialistic ideas which have since been termed mind-cure and hypnotism, healing through belief. His belief was that this mind-healing was to be established upon a material basis. He never told me, or any one else, so far as I can learn, that he argued with a case of disease metaphysically, or that he healed through Mind as the Divine Principle; for he believed firmly in the existence of matter, and also that material truths, so called, would remedy material errors.

So far as I caught his meaning, in my close association with him as friend, adviser, and patient, it was the material mind-cure upon which he leaned, not the spiritual; and this constituted the utmost limit of his hope, as the room, surrounding his cage, seems the limit of the universe to the imprisoned bird. Doubtless his views would have taken a higher flight here, if he had been spared to this hour.

The City of Christian Science is wholly spiritual, as its four sides indicate.

The first side of the sacred enclosure is the Bible. From beginning to end the Scriptures are full of accounts of the triumph of Mind over matter. Moses proved it by what men called miracles. So did Joshua, Elijah, Elisha.

The Bible is not one book, but many. It is more than a collection of books; it is a literature, the record of the