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Things spiritual and eternal are substantial; the material and temporal are insubstantial.

VI. God is the only Life “When Christ, our Life, shall be manifested, then will ye also be manifested with him in glory;” man will be found in God's image and likeness, perfect and eternal.

VII. God is Mind; and there is but one Mind, because there is but one God.

VIII. Mind is deathless, limitless, eternal, and never enters the finite. Intelligence never passes into non-intelligence. Therefore Mind is never within matter; the Unlimited is never limited; the Eternal cannot be in the temporal, nor the Immortal in mortality.

IX. God is Soul, or Spirit, and Spirit hath no outline. Soul is neither a limited mind nor a limited body; therefore it cannot be a person. Soul is Divine Principle. Nothing but Spirit can contain Spirit, because Spirit is larger than all else. God can be reflected, and is known by His reflection. If Eternal Mind originated in personality, it would be limited, having a finite beginning. At first limited, it would ultimately return to its limitations, and hence would be finite. The Infinite and Everlasting have no starting-points.

X. Man was and is the idea of God, — the conception of Eternal Mind, co-existent and co-eternal with it. Man was forever in God, or Mind. Therefore Mind can never be in man; for idea was never material. Man is ideal. A portion of God could not enter man, or that portion would become finite, losing the character of Deity, and becoming less than God. Wholeness is the measure of the Infinite God, and nothing else can express that infinity. Infinity can only be reflected by