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humanity, not contained in it. The Scriptures say that God is “all in all.” All that possesses being or reality is Mind, and there is no such thing as matter. In God all is harmony, and there can be no discord. In Divine Life there is no death. In Infinite Good there is no evil. Everything in the universe of God is His idea.

XI. Divine Science shows that matter and mortal body are the illusions of human belief, which seem to appear and disappear, to mortal sense alone. When this belief changes, as in dreams, the material body changes with it, going wherever we wish, and becoming whatsoever belief may decree. It is obvious that matter has no Divine Principle or proof. Material sense has never seen God, or man made in His likeness. Material man is not the likeness of Spirit, or perfection, and the infinite idea, or reflection, is as invisible, to the limited senses, as the Infinite Principle. Man and God, or Principle and its ideal, are inseparable, harmonious, and eternal. The Science of Divine Principle and its idea furnishes the rule of perfect being, and brings immortality to light.

Besiege sickness, sin, and death with the scientific rule of health and Life, and you ascertain that my statement is true, for it heals the sick and sinful as no other method can. This Science understood leads to eternal harmony, and brings to light the pure ideal of God, and man as made in His likeness; whereas the opposite belief — that man has beginning and end, that he is both Soul and body, both spiritual and material, sensual, sick, and dying — terminates in discord, in the error that is met and destroyed by Truth. Human