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Relative Numbers and Losses at Cedar Run.

1. In regard to the total Confederate strength under Jackson on August 9 (battle of Cedar Run), General Gordon is not so far wrong.

General Jackson had at that time Winder's, Ewell's and A. P. Hill's divisions and Robertson's brigade of cavalry. The organization was, I believe, as follows on July 23d:

Stonewall Brigade—Second, Fourth, Fifth, Twenty-seventh, and Thirty-third Virginia regiments... 5   
Jones' Brigade—Twenty-first, Forty-second, Forty-eighth Virginia regiments and First Virginia battalion...
Taliaferro's Brigade—Tenth, Twenty-third, Thirty-seventh Virginia and Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth Alabama regiments... 5   
Lawton's Brigade—Thirteenth, Twenty-sixth, Thirty-first, Thirty-eighth, Sixtieth and Sixty-first Georgia regiments... 6   


Early's Brigade—Thirteenth, Twenty-fifth, Thirty-first, Forty-fourth, Fifty-second, Fifty-eighth Virginia, and Twelfth Georgia regiments, 7   
Trimble's Brigade—Fifteenth Alabama, Twenty-first Georgia, and Twenty-first North Carolina regiments... 3   
Hays' Brigade—Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Louisiana regiments and First Louisiana battalion...
Maryland Line... 1   


Thomas' Brigade—Fourteenth, Thirty-fifth, Forty-fifth and Forty-ninth Georgia regiments, and Third Louisiana battalion...
Branch's Brigade—Seventh, Eighteenth, Twenty-eighth, Thirty-third and Thirty-seventh North Carolina regiments... 5   
Archer's Brigade—First, Seventh and Fourteenth Tennessee and Nineteenth Georgia regiments and Fifth Alabama battalion...
Pender's Brigade—Sixteenth, Twenty-second, Thirty-fourth and Thirty-eighth North Carolina regiments... 4   
Field's Brigade—Fortieth, Forty-seventh, Fifty-fifth and Sixtieth Virginia and Second heavy artilery regiment... 5   
Gregg's Brigade—First, Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth South Carolina and First South Carolina rifles... 5   

Add to this Stafford's, which arrived just in time for the battle, and was under General Hill's command that day:

Stafford's Brigade—First, Second, Ninth, Tenth and Fifteenth Louisiana regiments and Coppen's battalion (of which the Fifteenth Louisiana regiment was mainly composed of the Third Louisiana battalion of Thomas brigade)... 5