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Robertson's Brigade—Second, Sixth, Seventh and Twelfth Virginia cavalry... 4   

A. P. Hill had nine batteries on July 23d, of which six seem to have been with him at Gordonsville, while the batteries in the other divisions were eleven. Total batteries, seventeen.

Now the return of A. P. Hill's division for July 20th, 1862, gives his officers and men present for duty as 10,623 (see Colonel Taylor's Four Years with General Lee). He had twenty-eight infantry regiments and nine batteries then, and assuming his infantry to have been 10,000, we have the average strentgh of his regiments as 357. The only portion of his command whose strength is reported at Cedar Run is Archer's brigade, which was "1,200 strong" in that fight. This would give Archer's regiments but 267 each on August 9.

No return of Winder's and Ewell's divisions for this period is to be found. Colonel Taylor estimates them together at 8,000 men but I think he has probably overlooked the fact that these divisions contained not merely the troops that had followed Jackson in his famous Valley campaign, but two brigades and more in addition. Thus the infantry engaged in the Valley campaign and taken by Jackson to Richmond, consisted of twenty-eight regiments. The strength of nine of these at Cedar Run is given in the Confederate official reports of the battle. They were the seven in Early's brigade and the Twenty-seventh and Thirty-third Virginia, in the Stonewall brigade. General Early reports his brigade as 1,700 "effectives." The Twenty-seventh Virginia had 130 "rank and file," and the Thirty-third Virginia 150 engaged and 160 when it began to march to the battlefield. Thus Early's regiments averaged about 250 and the other two about 150 each. Taking the higher figure the whole twenty-eight regiments may have numbered 7,000, and the artillery would have added 600 or 700 more. This is probably the force that Colonel Taylor puts at 8,000 men.

But at Cedar Run Jackson had in addition six regiments, constituting Lawton's brigade, five and a half constituting Stafford's brigade, and the Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth Alabama regiments added to Taliaferro's brigade. He had lost by transfer one regiment (Sixteenth Mississippi) from Trimble's brigade. Hence, he had gained twelve and a half regiments in addition to