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242 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Co. E. Private Charles A. Reid, det'd Private Trench McClaire.

Div. Med. Dep't, Company F. Private Thomas Chisholm, det'd Div. Provost Guard.

Co. G.

Serg't Reuben A. Meredith, Private William I. Rawls, Private Aaron H. Childress, John Austin, det'd Div.

Maybacks Dubose, Q. M. Dep't,

Thomas B. Hand, det'd Mus'n Solon L. Sherrard. Div. Provost Guard,

Co. H.

Serg't Chas. T. Hineman, det'd Private William J. Waters, Div. Q. M. Clerk, Aaron Woolbright,

Private Benjamin F. Jones, Chesley D. Cummings,.

Lewis T. Lang, det'd Brig. Teamster.

Andrew W. Parting,

Co. I.

Serg't Alfred Y. Pettis, Private Barhaby Pope, det'd Div.

Private Sidney W. Herron, Teamster,

Morgan Woodward, det'd Geo. B. Hall, det'd Brig.

Div. Teamster, Q. M. Dep't.

Co. K.

Corp'l Chris. Deishler, det'd Div. Private John Steel, det'd Div.

Prov. Guard, ,Prov. Guard.

Private Redden R. Allford, [53]

Sixth Alabama Regiment.

Field and Staff.

Serg't-Maj. William E. Lightfoot, Com'y Serg't Daniel R. Caldwell. Co. A. Private Wesley Jones, Det'd Blacksmith Brig.

Co. B.

Serg't William R. Kirkland, Private William I. Gamble, Corp'l Alfred Whitehead, John F. Jackson, Det'd

Private Alexander W. Black, Am- Div. Provost Guard,

bulance Driver, Henry W. Jackson, Am-

Jessee A. Corbett, bulance Driver,

Henry L. Crim, Isaiah A. Moore,

James M. Davis, Francis D. M. Trainck,

Thomas J. Galloway, John White.