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The First North Carolina Volunteers. 217

The La Fayette Light Infantry (Captain Starr), The Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry (Captain Huske), and the Southern Stars (Captain Hoke) will leave for Richmond, Va., on Saturday morning, and will have two days' rations of meat and bread for each member of the company. The remaining companies of the regi- ment will move for the same point on Monday or Tuesday next, and will have a like supply of provisions prepared.

By order of the Governor. J. F. HOKE,

Adjutant- General.

[From the Western (Charlotte, N. C.,) Democrat, May 21, 1861.] FIRST REGIMENT (N. C.) VOLUNTEERS.

This regiment is now complete, and three companies of it left Ra- leigh on Saturday last for Virginia. The balance will follow on Tues- day. The following are the officers of the regiment:

Daniel H. Hill, colonel.

C. C. Lee, lieutenant-colonel.

J. H. Lane, major.

J. M. Poteat, adjutant.

John Henry Wayt, commissary.

Dr. Peter Hines, surgeon.

Drs. Haywood and Moore, assistant surgeons.

Rev. Edwin A. Yates, chaplain.

Messrs. Wayt and Yates were appointed from the ranks of the Hornets' Nest Riflemen.

A change has been made in the companies composing the regi- ment. The Fayetteville Independent company has been substituted for the Randalsburg Riflemen, so the regiment stands thus :

A Edgecombe Guards Captain Bridgers.

B Hornets' Nest Rifles Captain Williams.

C Charlotte Grays Captain Ross.

D Orange Light Infantry Captain Ashe.

E Buncombe Riflemen Captain McDowell.

F La Fayette Light Infantry Captain Starr.

G Burke Rifles Captain Avery.

H Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Captain Huske.

I Enfield Blues Captain Bell.

K Southern Stars Captain Hoke.

This regiment is said to be the finest-looking body of men ever assembled in. the State.