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216 Southern Historical Society Papers.

For Major.

James H. Lane received six hundred and ten votes ; Mr. Lovejoy, eighty-three; scattering, five.

Respectfully submitted,

CHAS. C. LEE, Major Camp Instruction, Acting Colonel.

The officers elected as above will enter upon their duties accord- ingly, and all persons placed under their command will respect and obey them accordingly.

By order of the Governor. J. F. HOKE,

Adjutant- General.

Officers commissioned as per above date.


RALEIGH, May 75, 1861. SIR :

You are hereby detailed to muster in the troops of the First regi- ment this afternoon at 4 o'clock P. M.

A justice of the peace will be requested to be present to admin- ister the necessary oath.


Adjutant- General. Colonel C. C. LEE,

Camp of Instruction, Raleigh, N. C.


RALEIGH, May 16, 1861. Special Orders, No. 5.


The Randalsburg Rifles (Captain Erwin), not having the number of men required by law, are detached from the First regiment and the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry (Captain Huske), are or- dered to supply their place, and will take the same position in the regiment occupied by that company.

Major Lane is detached as mustering officer, to muster into the service of the Stale the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry.