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230 Southern Historical Society Papers.

proud of them all, and she will look to see the other regiments emu- late the conduct of the glorious First, commanded by Colonel Hill. We cannot close this week's notice of the Bethel regiment more appropriately than by publishing the following




We miss you from the cottage door,

We miss you from the lordly hall, And bitter tears at parting shed,

For loved ones yet in silence fall. We miss you at the morning prayer,

We miss you at the noonday meal, And yearning hearts to you go forth,

When twilight shades around us steal.

The fond young bride all tearfully

Turns from the cottage door away, Where still she goes, alas! in vain,

To meet her love at close of day. And o'er helpless little flock,

Does many a wife in silence bend ; With heart too full for words she pleads

That God would peace and safety send.

The widow's heart in broken prayers,

Follows alike through night and day, The prop of her declining years

Her absent boy, far, far away ! The blushing maiden fondly dwells

Upon the parting moment, sad, And prays that Heaven in camp and field,

Would bless and shield her soldier lad.

Ah yes, we miss you, yet no heart In all the thousand homes you've left,

It matters not how deeply tried, It matters not how much bereft,

Would bring a son or brother home- Husband, or lover, would recall ;

No ! rather on the battle-field

In duty's path we'd have you fall !