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The First North Carolina Volunteers. 231

On, on, brave hearts, your cause is just

And right and justice must prevail ; As soon might straws attempt to stay

The torrent wild the sweeping gale As hirelings of the North drive back

Men with such hands and hearts as yours ; Go meet the invaders at their camp,

Let not their feet defile our shores !

Woe to the craven who shall fail

His country in her hour of need ; Who turns a deafened ear away

And will not to her rescue speed. Not to the swift the race is due

The victory given to the strong The "God of Battles " is our trust,

We and our cause to Him belong.

There is no word for you like " fail;"

They never, never can subdue Your gallant band, if you to God,

Your country and yourselves are true.


To the Honorable, the President and Members of the Convention.

GENTLEMEN : I have the pleasure herewith to transmit an official dispatch from Colonel D. H. Hill, commanding the First regiment of North Carolina Volunteers near Yorktown, giving a detailed ac- count of the signal victory achieved over the enemy near Hampton, Va., in which the North Carolina regiment bore a prominent and brilliant part.

I would avail myself of this opportunity to ask of the convention the privilege of rendering to the gallant commander of the regiment and the brave officers and men under his command those testimo- nials of approbation most grateful to a soldier's feelings.

I would respectfully recommend Colonel Hill as worthy of promo- tion to the rank of brigadier general, and that a full brigade be at once placed under his command.

Other recommendations will be made when further particulars are


Respectfully submitted,