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40 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Owing to the difficulty of procuring the necessary materials the rest of the fine arts are not so entensively cultivated. But we have, nevertheless, a few artists who exhibit considerable skill in the art of drawing and sketching.

The learned professions theology, law and medicine are not without their representatives, and, though " Othello's occupation is gone," as far as the practice of law and medicine are concerned (our law and physic being imported ready made at present), there are students to be found poring over the musty tomes of Blackstone and Esculapius.

There are also debating clubs in Divisions " 22 " and "32." Every Thursday night these clubs hold meetings, open to the public, and some questions of interest are discussed.

Then we have a Christian Association for the relief of prisoners. We have time and space at present only to call attention of our readers to the directory of this most excellent institution, which will be found in another column. The list of standing committees there given will give some idea of the noble objects and plan of operations of this association.

We have also in our midst, busy at work, shoemakers, tailors, barbers, engravers, jewelers, machinists, washers and ironers, and ring, chain, and breastpin makers, many specimens of whose work we have seen, and must say that they reflect credit upon the patience, ingenuity and skill of the workmen.

Thus much for some of our public institutions. We have others that we expect to notice " et temps et lieu"


Variety Works. Division 24 Whitten and Neighbors. Having completed our machinery, we are prepared to execute all kinds of sawing, turning and drilling with neatness and dispatch. W. M. Whitten, Lieutenant 2 3 d Bn. Va. Inf'y. W. H. Neighbors, Adju- tant 5ist Va. Inf'y.

Barber Saloon. Division 31 Hair cutting, shaving and sham- pooing done in the best manner. Terms: Cutting hair, 10 cents; shaving, 5 cents; shampooing, 15 cents. L. R Skinner, Lieutenant iyth Va. Cav.

Boots and shoes made to order. Repairing well done. Always ready for work. Give us a call. We can be found at our shop in