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Prison Pastimes. 41

Division 24. Atkins and Beal. W. P. Atkins, Lieutenant 5th Ark.; P. S. Beal, Lieutenant 52d N. C.


Here are every day posted the latest bulletins; occasionally a startling "grape"* is seen on the board. Perhaps no city furnishes a public place where those in search of the very latest can get it as readily as at the Salle Port of the officers' barracks at Fort Delaware. The advertisements posted are gotten up some of them in good taste. The various tobacconists set forth their claim for public pat- ronage; they offer at what they consider reasonable rates the finest James river to its most inferior quality. Such large quantities so sud- denly thrown on the market has created a decline, and holders arc- not disposed to part with their best brands.


Everything except tobacco is still held at extravagantly high rates. It is to be expected, as navagation is no longer blockaded by ice, there will be a perceptible change in prices.

The milkmen have not occupied their stalls in the market places; will do so soon, as the grass furnishes good nipping.

Poultry dealers are holding back for higher prices.

Butter may be considered healthy. Small lots, several days ago, changed hands at fair prices; other lots too strong to take well.

" Fresh fish "f of recent importation can be found in every division. It is to be hoped that consignors will not forward any more for the present, as we have a superabundance of "Fresh fish" already on hand, and storage room is becoming very scarce.

A butcher informed us that his orders thus far had been confined principally to rats. A change in favor of this kind of meat was so great, his orders were very large.

Our friends at a distance, in the upper and middle districts, must bear with us a short while, until we can procure the services of a first-class commercial reporter; we will then keep them advised as to the state of the markets.

  • Grapevine telegram. f New prisoners.