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42 Southern Historical Society Papers.


At a meeting called by a few officers in these barracks it was sug- gested by Lieutenant J. O. Murray, Twelfth Virginia cavalry, to or- ganize a musical association to raise funds for the sick and destitute in our midst.

A communication was addressed by the secretary of the meeting, Lieutenant T. G. Bland, Tenth Louisiana cavalry, to the com- mandant of the prison, and permission was obtained for concerts to be given. Lieutenant W. Hays, Second Kentucky cavalry, the prisoners' friend, and ever ready to alleviate their condition, was selected as manager, and Lieutenant T. G. Bland musical director for the first concert, which was well attended, and the performance was highly creditable to all concerned.

We regret very much our inability to attend the second concert.

We have with pleasure seen the committee on distribution from day to day going from division to division distributing to those most needy vegetables, fruits and other anti-scorbutics.

The good effects of this benevolent association are being already developed through their energetic and worthy committee.

Below is the statement of receipts and disbursements of concerts of the 2ist and 28th of March.

Statement of receipts of concerts March 21 and 28, 1865, given for the benefit of sick and destitute officers:

Receipts. Expenses.

% cash $187 55 Total expenses $ 92 30

178 pounds tobacco, 5oc 8900 Balance 184 25

$276 55 $ 27 6 55

Cash receipts $!8 7 55

Lessexpenses g 2 30

Amount of cash $ 95 25

Amount of tobacco for distribution, 178 pounds.

R. W. Carter, Colonel First Virginia Cavalry; C. E. Chambers Captain Thirteenth Alabama ; W. Hays, Lieutenant Second Ken- tucky Cavalry, committee.