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Prison Pastimes. 43


President I. Hardeman, Lieutenant-Colonel Twelfth Georgia, Division 22.

First Vice President 1. A. Boyle, Adjutant Thirty-second North Carolina, Division 25.

Second Vice -President J. T. Kincannon, Captain Twenty-third Virginia, Division 33.

Third Vice- President T. W. Harris, Captain Twelfth Georgia, Division 34.

Recording Secretary John Law, Adjutant Thirty-eighth Georgia, Division 22.

Corresponding Secretary J. F. Fuller, Adjutant Thirty- first Ten- nessee, Division 30.

Treasurer G. F. Lyle, Lieutenant Virginia Artillery, Division 22.

Librarian J. C. Wright, Lieutenant Twelfth Tennessee, Di- vision 31.

Chaplain Alexander M. Sanford, Captain Fourteenth Texas, Division 29.


On State of the Church W. J. Clark, Colonel Twenty-fourth North Carolina, Division 28.

Introduction J. E. Roberts, Captain Fourth Virginia, Division 22.

Education T. W. Hooper, Colonel Twenty- first Georgia, Divi- sion 22.

Finance J. L. Cantwell, Captain Third North Carolina, Divi- sion 35.

Religious Reading J. L. Connor, Adjutant Sixty- first Georgia, Division 22.

Devotional Exercises J. G. Knox, Captain Seventh North Caro- lina, Division 35.

Sick and Destitute W. C. Shane, A. D. C., Division 22.

Order and Arrangements W. R. Stephenson, Captain Thirty- third North Carolina, Division 22.

Music C. C. Turner, Lieutenant Fifth South Carolina, Division 22.

Regular meeting of the association every Friday night.