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Prison Pastimes. 45


The fire burned briskly in the grate,

The morn was dark aud dreary, A captive in his cell sat lone,

Thoughtful, watchful, weary.

He thought of home, of kindred ties,

Long broke but not yet severed ; He thought of dear ones in the skies,

That had left the earth forever.

Without the wall of his prison cell

Discordant music met his ear. What was it in the morn's dull cloak ?

He'd nothing but his God to fear.

As the morning light began to dawn,

The sleepers awoke one another ; They knew not the thoughts of the one at the fire.

He'd been thinking all night of his mother.

L. G. B., LA. Fort Lafayette, N. Y. Harbor, January 22, 1865,


Division 22 Chief, Captain J. E. Roberts, Fourth Virginia; adju- tant, Adjutant John Law, Thirty- eighth Georgia; postmasters, Cap- tain E. J. Dean, Twenty-second South Carolina, Captain N. C. Shane, A. D. C.

Division 23 Chief, Major D. Hammond, First Maryland Regi- ment ; adjutant, D. F. Grimes, Virginia ; postmasters, Lieutenant C. J. Bluit, Twenty fifth Virginia, Lieutenant J. D. Irwin, Twentieth North Carolina.

Division 24 Chief, Captain E. T. Bridges, Thirty-seventh Vir- ginia ; adjutant, Captaiq T. J. Pritchett, Sixty-fourth Georgia; post- masters, Captain O. W. Spriggs, Forty-second Virginia ; Lieu- tenant N. B. Riger, Twenty fifth Virginia.

Division 25 Chief, Lieutenant A. P. Turner, Fifteenth Loui- siana; postmasters, Captain H. S. Hoffman, Tenth Virginia, J. Maynadiey, First Virginia.

Division 26 Chief, Captain R. A. Cox, A. C. S., C. S. A.; post- masters, Lieutenant L. Stripling, Sixty-first Georgia, Adjutant M. S. Smallman, Eighth Tennessee.