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46 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Division ^7-Chief, Lieutenant W. Hays, Second Kentucky; postmasters, Lieutenant James Hewitt, Tenth Kentucky, Adjutant A. S. Webb, Forty-fourth North Carolina.

Division ^-Colonel W. J. Clarke, Twenty-fourth North Caro- lina; adjutant, Lieutenant G. P. Waldman, Forty-fourth Virginia.

Division *p-Chief, Colonel W. L. Butler, Twenty-eighth Ala- bama ; adjutant, Lieutenant R. Neil, Second Arkansas; postmas- ters, W. H. Hall, Fourteenth Texas, Lieutenant T. W. Mitchell, Forty-ninth Virginia.

Division 30 Chief, Adjutant W. L. Platt, Seventh Georgia; adjutant, Lieutenant D. McCoy, Twenty-second Virginia; postmaster, Adjutant J. F. Fuller, Thirty-first Tennessee.

Division 31 Chief, Lieutenant W. F. Ratcliffe, Virginia Reserves.

Division 32 Chief, Captain C. S. Jenkins, Sixty-fourth Georgia.

Division 33 Chief, Captain B. G. Patterson, Twenty-third Vir- ginia Cavalry.

Division 34 Chief, Captain A. M. Gumming, First Louisiana; adjutant, Lieutenant L. Garric, Tenth Louisiana; postmaster, Lieu- tenant-Colonel J. Kesler, Forty-sixth Virginia Cavalry.

Division 35 Chief, Major D. A. Jones, C. S. A.

Division 36 Chief, Colonel V. H. Manning, Third Arkansas; adjutant, Lieutenant W. E. Hart, Carter's Virginia Battery.

Division 37 Chief, Captain W. A. Kendall, Third Kentucky Cavalry.

Musical Association President, R. W. Carter, Colonel First Vir- ginia Cavalry ; secretary, William Hays, Lieutenant Second Ken- tucky Cavalry; manager, P. B. Akers, Lieutenant Eleventh Virginia Infantry; musical director, T. G. Bland, Lieutenant Tenth Louisiana Cavalry.


Lee Club President, H. L. Hover, Lieutenant Twenty-fifth Vir- ginia; secretary, J. L. Cantrel, Captain Third North Carolina In- fantry.

Stonewall Club President, W. H. Rowan, Captain Third Ken- tucky Battalion; secretary, T. L. Pritchett, Captain Sixty-fourth Georgia.