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honorable badge with which he could be decorated. For a man who has borne such a conspicuous part in the history of the South for the past thirty-five years, his appearance is youthful. Entering the army as a private, he rose to the rank of colonel of his regiment. He was one of the counsel assigned by the State of Mississippi to defend Jefferson Davis when he was tried in the Federal courts, and he has also served his State as its Attorney-General, besides repre- senting his district in Congress, as he said in reply to a question by one of his enthusiastic Confederate hearers, for more terms than he cared to remember. His speech from beginning to end was deeply interesting and was listened to with breathless attention. He de- clared that during the late war the South was battling for " home rule and State rights," and while apologizing for nothing, he spoke in generous terms of the bravery and heroism of the Federal soldiers. He paid a tribute to General Grant for refusing to allow General Lee to be indicted and imprisoned.

At the conclusion of General Hooker's address Captain Williams adjourned the meeting until 3 o'clock, when the parade was formed, composed as follows: Major S. J. C. Moore, of Berry ville, chief marshal; Friendship Fire Company, headed by the Friendship Mili- tary Band, 127 men; Sarah Zane Fire Company, 80 men, headed by C. V. Camp's Drum Corps; Woodstock and Tom's Brook Military Companies, of the Second Virginia Regiment; members of camps, Confederate Veterans, headed the Chapel Grove Band. The procession marched to the cemetery, and while several dirges were played by the bands the graves were decorated.

The several lots were in charge of the following ladies :

Mississippi, Mrs. Phil. Boyd and daughters, Missess Peggie and Sallie Miller ; Tennessee, Misses Tillie and Lucy Russell, Mrs. Mar- shall Willis; Florida, Mrs. Henry Dinges, of Stephens City; names unknown but not States right side, Episcopal College, left side, Methodist College; Mount Hebron, the Misses Wolfe; North Caro- lina, Mary Hamilton, Misses Annie and Jennie McKendrick, Miss Nannie Hamilton, Miss Maggie Osburn, Miss Laura Osborn, Miss Sallie Goughenour, Miss Rosa Osburn, Miss Mary Hamilton, Mr. Will Hollis, Mr. Lute Hodgson; South Carolina, Miss Maria Jones, Mrs. Tilden Reed, Mrs. Deschon, Mrs. Clarence Taylor, Miss Mag- gie Lanis, Mr. William Jenkins. Mrs. William Atkinson and daugh- ters made the lovely design, "Gates Ajar," for this lot. Captain Jack brought his flowers, as usual. Virginia, first and second rows,