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Mrs. John Lewis, Misses Olie Striker, Brookie Ford, Mamie Fuller, Kate Lewis; third row, Misses Lucy and Minnie Jones; fourth row, Misses Gettie and Laura McGuire ; fifth row, Mrs. John McCoy daughters; sixth row, Misses Nannie Krebs, Mary and Louisa Clark and Carrie Brent; seventh and eighth rows, Misses Nannie and Lilly Boyd, Mrs. Worthington, Miss L. D. Williams; ninth row, Misses Mary Tidball and Annie Conrad. Georgia, Mrs. Peter Kurtz, Mrs. V. W. Striker, Misses Vic Smith, Katie Trier, Mary and Lizzie Striker; Unknown Monument, Miss Belle Hollis and sisters, the Misses Simms ; Texas, Mrs. Wm. Byrd and daughters ; Arkansas, the Misses Mesmer and Mrs. Thomas Mesmer; Kentucky, Miss Mary and Miss Julia Kurtz, and little Mary Faulkner; Maryland, Misses Nellie, Kate and Mary Cover; Louisiana, Mrs. Geo. Grim and daughters, Mrs. Geo. Taylor and daughters, Misses Evie Hay- maker, Lula Haymaker, Emma Wigginton and May Legg. Tne arch in Louisiana lot was beautiful and extravagantly admired.

[From the Richmond. Va., Dispatch, August 19, 1894.]


A Valuable Annotated Roll of that Organization from Richmond, Virginia.

The subjoined very complete roll of Company A, Fifteenth Vir- ginia Regiment, was prepared by Captain M. W. Hazlewood, who would be glad to be advised of any mistakes in it. It will be ob- served that Captain Hazlewood accounts for nearly all the men who enlisted in his company, and his work furnishes valuable suggestions to others who may be preparing material in aid of the movement to secure a complete roster of the Virginia troops in the Confederate army. When copies of the rolls in the War Records Office at Washington shall have been secured, such private rolls as Captain Hazlewood has made will prove very valuable in revising and anno- tating them.

The company was mustered into service April 23, 1861, by Inspec- tor-General John B. Baldwin. It was recruited on Church Hill, and assigned by Colonel Baldwin to the " Thirty-third Regiment of Light Infantry."