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Joined a company then bein^ oryani/ed in Jefferson county, Fla., called "Jefferson Rifles," at Monticello, Fla., December 10, 1860; elected captain and entered service of the State of Florida on the nth of January. 1861.

Fleeted colonel of ist Florida Regiment (infantry) March 26, 1861, and entered Confederate service same day.

Promoted brigadier-general P. A. C. S. February 10, 1862, and assigned to command of brigade composed of ist Florida Regiment, 1 7th Alabama Regiment (Colonel Jos. Wheeler), 5th Mississippi (Colonel Fant), 8th Mississippi (Colonel Flint); ordered to Jackson, Tenn., March 20, 1862 ; thence to Corinth, Miss., and there assigned to command brigade about the 26th of March, composed of ist Florida Battalion (6 companies, Lieutenant-Colonel McDonald), battalion "Confederate Guards Response" from Louisiana (Lieu- tenant-Colonel Clack), iyth Louisiana Regiment (Colonel Heard), 20th Louisiana Regiment (Colonel Richard), Qth Texas Regiment (Colonel Stanley). Commanded this brigade in the battle of Shiloh. Soon thereafter, on reorganization, was assigned to brigade com- posed of 4 ist Mississippi Regiment (Colonel W. F. Tucker), 36th Mississippi Regiment (Colonel Drury Brown), 37th Mississippi Regi- ment (Colonel Samuel Benton), 25th Louisiana Regiment (Colonel Fisk), 3Oth Mississippi Regiment (Colonel Neill), 5th company Washington Artillery.

ist of September, 1862, assigned to command of Major-General Sam Jones' division in Army of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and ex- ercised same throughout General Bragg's Kentucky campaign. The division consisted of Brigadier-General Daniel Adams' Brigade, Brigadier-General Marsh Walker's Brigade, Brigadier-General John C. Brown's Brigade, and Colonel Thomas M. Jones' Brigade.

On 28th of December, 1862, assigned to command of Trapier's Brigade, composed of two South Carolina and two Alabama regi- ments same had been commanded for some time by Colonel A. M. Manigault, loth South Carolina Regiment.

On 3oth of December assigned to command of Walthall's Brigade (Walthall sick and battle of Murfreesboro impending) composed of 2Qth Mississippi Regiment (Colonel Brantley), 27th Mississippi Regi- ment (Colonel Thomas M. Jones), 24th Mississippi Regiment (Colo-