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72 Southern Historical S<>, /, />/ f^i/n />-.

nel ), 3oth Mississippi Regiment (Colonel Neill), and

Barrett's Battery; 7th, gth, loth, 4ist, 44th and 9th Battalions Sharp- shooters at Shelbyville, Bridgeport, and Chickamauga.

From this time on was most of the time, as senior officer present, in command of Withers' and Hindman's divisions successively till February 9, 1864; was promoted to major-general P. A. C. S., and first assigned to command Breckinridge's division, Army of Ten- nessee, by order of War Department; but was soon thereafter sent to assume command of Confederate forces then operating in East Florida. On the 24th of July, 1864, was ordered back to Army of Tennessee, reaching General Hood's headquarters at Atlanta on the eve of the 28th; was that night re-assigned to command of Hind- man's old division, composed of the following brigades: Brigadier- General W. F. Brantley's Mississippi brigade, Brigadier-General Z. C. Deas' Alabama brigade, Brigadier-General A. M. Manigault's South Carolina and Alabama brigades, and Brigadier-General Jacob Sharp's Mississippi brigade.

On the reorganization of the Army of Tennessee at Smithville, N. C. , on the 8th of April, 1865, was assigned to command of a South Carolina division, composed of Colonel Harrison's brigade, Colonel Rhett's brigade, and Major Rhett's battalion of artillery.

My husband returned to the army in North Carolina in March, against the advice of his physicians. He was assigned to a new command from Charleston, and was surrendered with them, without his consent, at Bentonville. He did not believe the time had come to give up. These noble men, though having been under him so short a time, told him they would follow him anywhere, and to submit to no terms he thought dishonorable. Those above him knew his sen- timents and signed the terms of surrender before he reached the place, though his rank gave him the right to be present in the caucus.