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204 Southern Historical Society Papers.


The following were killed: Captain R. H. Keeling, First Lieut. E. P. Hendree, who was discharged and afterward promoted to First Lieut, in 6ist Alabama, and killed 5th of May, 1864, at the Wilderness.

J. H. Attaway, mortally wounded and died, Winchester, Va.

J. T. Black, mortally wounded at Chancellorsville.

W. T. Cooper, killed near Petersburg.

M. A. Flournoy, mortally wounded at Seven Pines and died.

J. U. Ingram, killed at Seven Pines.

J. M. Lester, killed at Petersburg.

William Mimms, killed at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864.

Corporal J. B. Nuckolls, killed at Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862.

John Preskitt, killed at Gettysburg.

Ensign R. H. Stafford, killed at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864.

W. B. (Tobe) Ward, killed near Petersburg.

P. W. Chappell, killed at Petersburg.

Lucius Williams, killed at Winchester.

Isaac Eason, killed igth May near Spotsylvania C. H.

J. T. Eberhart, killed at Snicker's Gap, July 18, 1864.

William Ho.ward, killed at Petersburg.

The following died of wounds or disease: S. M. Blackburn, C. H. Cobb, B. Fitzpatrick, G. P. Grimmett, M. G. Holloway, H. H. McPhaul, W. A. Noble, P. Philpot, W. P. Bowdon, W. F. Chesson, J. M. Germany, A. A. Gillespie, R. L. Hairston, W. J. Moody, R. J. Nobles, died in prison, S. L. Roberts, S. G. Starke, R. T. Simmons, M. W. Wright, R. P. Wynn, E. H. Strobell, A. J. Veasey, C. F. Wagner.

The following have died since the war: R. F. Ligon, Geo. Jones, J. H. Echols, who was Colonel of the 63rd Ala; A. S. Grigg, who was discharged from service; J. W. McNeely, J. R. Flewellen, was dis- charged in 1862; J. A. Cunningham, obtained substitute in 1862; J. R. Adams, H. J. Attaway, discharged 1861; A. J. Blount, dis- charged 1863; S. B. Brewer, sutler, died in Texas; W. H. Bilbro, discharged; David Clopton, promoted Quarter Master, elected to Confederate Congress, died while Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama; W. F. Chesson, Serg. W. M. Carr, wounded and re- tired; J. W. Fannin, promoted Captain of 6ist Alabama; Corp. R. R. Grimmett, obtained substitute; T. S. Crawford, M. Moore, F.