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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 205

A. Manning, W. P. Zachry, H. R. Thorpe, promoted Surgeon; T. M. Kimbrough, W. F. Moore, in Texas; E. A. Ligon, pro- moted Surgeon; Corporal A. Wilkerson, J. Johnson, in 1861, W. R. Tompkins, J. R. Scroggins, N. R. Simmons, died De- cember 9, 1904. S. H. Slaton, B. F. Smith, Sergeant A. P. Reid, in Texas. D. Oswalt, N. Richardson, died in 1904, 97 years of age; Dr. G. W. McElhany, T. N. Kesterson, J. Patterson.

Rev. E. J. Rogers, right leg shot off at Gettysburg.

B. F. Ingram, in Texas, 1903.

Corporal Henderson, died in 1868, editor Tuskegee News.

J. H. Upshaw.

B. F. Ward, arm shot off at Chancellorsville.

A. G. Howard, promoted Ordnance Sergeant, died in Atlanta, Ga. J. S. Porter, 1905.

As far as the writer can ascertain only the following are now surviving:

Captain R. E. Park, Atlanta, Ga.

T. H. Glower, who commanded the company the last eight months of the war, Opelika, Ala.

H. G. Lamar, Iredell, Texas.

Dr. J. F. Park, LaGrange, Ga.

R. F. Segrest, Hico, Texas.

R. W. Drake, Laneville, Ala., late sheriff of Hale county.

C. C. Davis, Tuskegee, Ala. J. H. Eason, Tallassee, Ala. G. P. Ware, Auburn, Ala. G. W. Ward, Willhite, La.

Rev. W. A. Moore, Neches, Texas.

Fletch. S. Zachry, Tyler, Texas.

W. D. Zuber, Pine Level, Ala.

J. R. Walker, Dallas, Ga.

C. B. Florence, Golden City, Ark., Colonel U. C. V.



Captain A. S. Bibb, resigned early.

Captain J. J. Dillard, killed on Sand Mountain, Ala., in 1863. Captain P. D. Ross, who remained Captain until the close of the war, surrendering with Lee. Captain Daniel Butler, died.