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226 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Coffee, W. H. Crow, James Moore, B. F. Murrill, A. G. Roberts- total 7.

Wounded Sergeant Murphy, Corporal Edwards, Privates M. J. Austin, J. M. Burrette, W. C. Brandon, John Carmor, L. A. Dabbs, William Farmer, C. Hunter, J. Little, A. B. Rooks, James Single- ton, B. O. Word, all slightly; Edmund Drake, F. P. Patterson, C. C. Proster, severely total 20.

Company F Killed Captain R. H. Keeling, J. U. Ingram.

Wounded Privates R. F. Hall, J. R. Flewellen, B. F. Ingram, W. B. Ward, G. P. Ware, A. Wilkerson, F. S. Zachry, W. P. Zachry, slightly; M. A. Flournoy, mortally total 9.

Company G Killed Lieutenant A. Hammond, Privates G. W. Kirkland, R. C. Devil', H. I. Clifton, G. B. Packuss, J. S. Renfroe total 6.

Wounded Lieutenant J. M. Hardcastle, Privates M. Hawk, R. K. Crawley, E. S. Patten, all dangerously; Corporal Messier, J. M. Miller, M. Messier, William Steward, J. Derrick, J. Sisk, J. Stephens, I. Perkins, slightly; T. W. Keys, T. J. Rogers, J. J. Atchley, severely total 16.

Company H Killed Captain J. H. Darwin, Lieutenant E. Ryan, Corporal Hefly, Privates S. E. Blankenship, M. F. De- ment, Thomas Dunn, W. R. Harris, J. J. McAnear, E. A. Ma- bry, S. D. Priddy, Jordan Wake, A. Smith. Total, 12.

Wounded Corporal Hamilton, severely; Privates E. J. Brown, mortally; J. C. Fowler, J. C. McCain, W. Renner, seriously; J. H. Burk, C. Higdon, J. L. Jenkins, A. J. Rufles; A. Roper, C. B. Cyan, slightly. Total, n.

Company I Killed Privates W. Wooten, E. Carey, J. Tash. Total, 3.

Wounded Lieutenant J. J. Nicholson, Corporals T. M. Shel-

ton, G. A. Nelson, slightly; Privates James Burns, Feltach,

R. Overstreet, L. O. Thomas, W. Thomas, F. Trice, H. N. Waters, slightly; William Williams, A. Wooten, both badly. Total, 12.

Company K Killed Private J. M. C. Payne.

Wounded Lieutenant Townsend, Lieutenant Fitzgerald, Ser- geants Jones, Taylor, Ethridge, all mortally; Corporal Scott, Privates Abercrombie, W. S. Ford, N. H. Goslin, C. H. Herring,