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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 227

H. H. Rowell, W. Stallmarks, slightly; S. M. Adams, D. T. Jenkins, J. A. Powell, all mortally. Total, 14.

H. A. WHITING, A. A. A. General, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division.



Staff Officers. Enlisted Men. Officers. Enlisted Men.

i2th Miss. Regt. 5 35 2 138

6th Ala. ii 91 1 8 264

5th Ala. i 26 9 159

1 2th Ala. "5 55 6 133

4th Va. Batal'n 3 17 2 67

KingWm. Artil'y i i i 22

Total 26 225 38 783

Aggregate loss in killed and wounded, 1,083. The brigade went into action with about 2,400 men and officers.

H. A. WHITING, A. A. A. Gen. 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division.


The latter part of June, '1862, was an enventful period in the history of the 1 2th Alabama and of the Army of Northern Vir- ginia. While General Lee's army confronted McClellan's hosts before Richmond, Stonewall Jackson was in the Valley fighting a series of battles.

On the 26th of June the Confederate army was engaged with McClellan at Mechanicsville, which is near the Confederate capital. Our army suffered severely in this fight. On the 27th my regi- ment, brigade and division, under General D. H. Hill, took part in the battle of Games' Mill, near Cold Harbor, which proved to be one of the most hotly contested battles in which we were ever engaged. The enemy was commanded by General Porter. They had long lines of infantry, in double column, and numerous batteries of artillery, on top of a hill. It became our duty to cross a creek in a swamp, and the enemy had cut the timber so as to impede the advance of our attacking force. I can never forget that when in a short distance of the enemy' we made a halt and I was placed in command of a detachment of four men from each company, and ordered to deploy in their front, and shoot