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296 Southern Historical Society Papers.

A fine martial poem, called, "The Man of the Twelfth of May," written by Captain Robert Falligant, of Savannah, fitly and elo- quently describes this remarkable and heroic incident. From it I make the following extract:

' 'When history tells her story,

Of the noble hero band, Who made the green fields gory

For the life of their native land, How grand will be the picture

Of Georgia's proud array As they drove the boasting foemen back

On that glorious Twelfth of May !

Whose mien is ever proudest

When we hold the foe at bay ? Whose war-cry cheers us loudest

As we rush to the bloody fray ? 'Tis Gordon's our reliance,

Fearless as on that day When he hurled his grand defiance

In that charge of the Twelfth of May.

Who, who can be a coward ?

What freeman fear to die When Gordon orders 'forward!'

And the red cross floats on high ? Follow his tones inspiring,

On, on to the field! Away ! And we see the foe retiring

As it did on the Twelfth of May ! "