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Returning Confederate Flags. 297

[Special to the Times-Dispatch, October 28, 1905.]


Intensely Interesting Exercises That Closed the Eigh- teenth Annual Reunion of the Grand Camp of the Confederate Veterans of Virginia.

Address of HON. JOHN LAMB.

The "Custody of Unidentified Flags" to be "The Confederate Memo- rial Literary Society, Richmond, Va."

PETERSBURG, VA., October 27, 1905. The crowning event of the Eighteenth Annual Reunion of the Grand Camp, Confederate Veterans of Virginia, was the closing scene to-night the ceremony of receiving from the Commonwealth the captured Virginia flags that by Act of Congress had been returned to the State by the United States Government. The ceremony was purely sentimental and figurative, but it was glorious. It was the act of turning over to the keeping of the men who fought under them, the battle flags of Virginia's brave companies, battalions and regiments.

The committee appointed by the camp at the morning session to go to Richmond by trolley car to bring over the battered banners, returned at once, carried the flags to the Academy of Music, where many of them were placed prominently upon the stage, and the long box containing the others was placed just in front of the Grand Commander's table.


The Academy of Music was early filled from the outer door to the stage with the beauty and the chivalry of old Virginia. Hun- dreds of people who came late could not get in the building.

On the stage were seated the officers and many members of the camp, prominent guests and the fair sponsors and maids of honor.

When Governor and Mrs. Montague walked upon the stage the vast audience rose and cheered itself almost hoarse. Ex-Governor Cameron was also received with cheers.

The exercises were opened with prayer by the Chaplain General and Adjutant C. R. Bishop, of A. P. Hill Camp, in a short and