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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Major John A. Harman, Forage Quartermaster.

Colonel Edmund J. Harvie, Inspector-General, 1861.

Major E. H. Janney, Issuing Quartermaster, Army Northern Virginia.

Captain Latham Woodville, A.D.C, September, 1862.

Major A.L. Land, Assistant to Chief Quartermaster.

Captain N.C. Marrow, Paymaster.

Lieutenant Thomas J. Page, Virginia Navy, A.D.C, 1861.

Captain W.H. Richardson, A.A.G., May, 1861.

Captain P.W. Smith, Military Secretary, 1861.

Captain S.M. Somers, Quartermaster Ordnance Train.

Captain G.W. Shell, Quartermaster Army Supply Train.

Captain George G. Thompson.

Captain W.F. Thomas, Depot Quartermaster.

Captain Joseph E. Ivis, Chief Engineer, November, 1861.

Major Charles Mannagault, A.D.C, November, 1861.

Lieutenant-Colonel John A. Washington, A.D.C, May 6, 1861; killed at Valley Mountain September 13, 1861.

Captain Thornton A. Washington, A.D.C.; promoted Lieutenant-Colonel, A.A.G.

Captain E. Cunningham, A. & I. General.

Colonel R.H. Chilton, A.A.G., June, 1862; promoted Brigadier-General, A.I.G. December, 1863.

Major Fred. R. Scott, Assistant Commissary.

Major John A. Seldon, Assistant Quartermaster.

The following were ordered to report to General Lee November 2, 1863:

Captain James Hays.

Captain St. Jules Randot.

Captain Clifford Anderson.

Captain Henry Boiling.

Captain Ranson D. Spann.

Captain James Walker.

Major George Treanor.

Captain George Williamson, killed.

Anderson, Joseph R., Brigadier-General, September 13, 1861; resigned July 19, 1862.