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These fifty-one tales comprise a careful selec- tion of the best Continental short stories by contemporary or nearly contemporary writers, and the ten volumes appropriately round out the unique idea begun in the ** Stories by Ameri- can Authors " and * * Stories by English Authors. " As may be seen by the following complete list, each volume is a collection of masterpieces and represents admirably the more recent achieve- ments in this branch of literature of the nation for which it stands. It would be difficult to find anywhere so much good fiction of such wide variety in the same compass. FRENCH. I. {Ready in ApHl) The Siege of Berlin . . * By Alphonse Daudet The Juggler of Notre Dame, By Anatole France Uncle and Nephew ... By Edmond About Another Gambler .... By Paul Bourget The Necklace By Guy de Maupassant The Black Pearl .... By Victorien Sardou