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VOLUME II. The Transferred Ghost . . . Frank R. Stockton A Martyr to Science . Mary Putnam Jacobi, M.D. Mrs. Knollys J. S. of Dale A Dinner Party John Eddy The Mount of Sorrow . . Harriet Prescott Spoiford Sister Silvia Mary Agnes Tincker volume III. The Spider's Eye Lucretia P. Hale A Story of the Latin Quarter Frances Hodgson Burnett Two Purse-Companions . George Parsons Lathrop Poor Ogla-Moga David D. Lloyd A Memorable Murder CeliaThaxter Venetian Glass Brander Matthews volume IV. Miss Grief Constance Fenimore Woolson Love in Old Cloathes H. C. Bunner Two Buckets in a Well N. P. Willis Friend Barton's Concern . . . Mary Hallock Foote An Inspired Lobbyist J. W. De Forest Lost in the Fog Noah Brooks volume v. A Light Man Henry James Yatil . . . F. D. Millet The End of New York Park Benjamin Why Thomas was Discharged . . George Arnold The Tachypomp E. P. Mitchell