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VOLUME VI. The Village Convict C.H.White The Denver Express A. A. Hayes The Misfortunes of Bro' Thomas Wheatley Lina Redwood Fairfax The Heartbreak Cameo . . . . L. W. Champney Miss Eunice's Glove Albert Webster Brother Sebastian's Friendship . Harold Frederic volume VII. The Bishop's Vagabond .... Octave Thanet Lost Edward Bellamy Kirby's Coals of Fire Louise Stockton Passages from the Journal of a Social Wreck Margaret Floyd Stella Grayland James T. McKay The Image of San Donato . Virginia W. Johnson volume VIII. The Brigade Commander . . . . J. W. De Forest Split Zephyr Henry A. Beers Zerviah Hope Elizabeth Stuart Phelps The Life Magnet Alvey A. Adee Osgood's Predicament . . Elizabeth D. B. Stoddard volume IX. Marse Chan Thomas Nelson Page Mr. Bixby's Christmas Visitor . . Charles S. Gage Eli C. H. White Young Strong of ** The Clarion " Milicent Washburn Shinn How Old Wiggins Wore Ship, Captain Roland T. Coffin '* — Mas Has Come" Leonard Kip